Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Will Form 1094 B Providers

Instructions and Help about Will Form 1094 B Providers

So first minute I put AC a reporting requirement and just have a basic overview I am going to go into a little bit about the comp administration in the executive order and really what that means for working in supplies I love it a lot of questions out there hey you know I'm not quite sure do i get to solder the filing do i not do the filing what is it existed was really mean so I'm going to briefly review that for you as well other than that we're going to talk about who needs to report delivered or remind you who doesn't do AC reporting some of you may not have to do the question but you do have to do with this year we're going to talk about that and what information needs to be reported we'll talk about filing deadlines if digits this year in the world for texture 2021 with other times what penalty structure updates so selfish entrusted extra started for texture 2021 that they continue to update you cheer them basically efficient come on kind of present anyone will put in so we're going to talk about that and what that means and then we're going to talk about the activity around the form and the full update then I'm going to get really assisted the future reviewing reform updates with different from this year and last year so that way you are perfectly prepared and aware of all the changes why deniers make those changes for this year as well electronic filing update so you are any electronic pilots or you're not sure and required by want to be electronics islands and as we do that I'm going to talk about the air program what is that how do you register your being to use it last year and different challenges that we face to a year for whether electronic filing in 2021 for texture 2021 then I'll give you some time at the end for some questions and answers so as you can see we have a lot of information to cover in a very short period of time so let's get started so AC a reporting requirement so there's all these islands AP reporting really want to take a couple minutes and talk about I'm the executive order that a new president comes add shine there is a lot of confusion going on up there.