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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Will Form 1094 B Desktop

Instructions and Help about Will Form 1094 B Desktop

Music so first of all we're going to start with preparing solicitation notices for 2022 reporting Corrections and we'll explain what these are here in the next slide most of you though submitted 2022 electronic returns ultimately got a a result of accepted with errors and the most common errors that were reported is what was called a 10 TI n validation error that stands for taxpayer identification number which is the social security number that error indicates that the social security number and the name information that was provided in that electronic 295 si record didn't match what was stored in the Social Security Administration's database so to fix those kinds of errors what you would first want to do is review your employee records from when you hired the the employee first so that you can determine if there are any of those errors that are obvious that could easily be fixed with some data entry in the employee file perhaps the data entry was incorrectly entered in your payroll software or there was a typo or some transposed letters in the data entry even if the information that you have is correct you could have a situation where a middle name is entered in the last name field or it's missing altogether and unfortunately the IRS hasn't really explained what criteria will produce a 10 validation error it would be nice if they would highlight which information is incorrect but they're not providing that so we could end up playing a guessing game trying to figure out which information needs to be corrected unless you actually have a a photocopy of their Social Security card but even with all of the correct information entered in your system it's possible that the error actually lies in this Social Security Administration system in which case it's not possible for you to fix it on your side of this equation so IRS Publication 1586 explains the steps that you need to take in order to go about addressing these TI n errors and if you have to go to the employee to request corrected information then you are required to make a solicitation for that corrected information by December 31st for last year's reporting so for - for this year's reporting you have through December 31st of next year to make any solicitations but documenting these steps in the form of a letter helps you to avoid any penalties now after you check through your own records first to see if there's anything that you can correct for these ten validation errors that you received in your IRS acknowledgement files or perhaps if you paper filed the IRS mailed you a list of these errors then you can now request corrected information from your employees and the latest update to data Tech's HRM software can create these solicitation letters for you in a mail merge type situation so if you haven't done so recently use the tools menu in HR program check for updates and do this on your server or your main PC and get on the latest version of the HR program if the electronic ACA acknowledgement report which is found under the ACA menu annual reports menu this window now has an option to export the details of these ten validation errors into an Excel spreadsheet and that Excel spreadsheet can then be used to print notices using a mail merge situation where you have a template in an RTF rich text format file and it takes the information on the spreadsheet and populates each creates a letter populating the personal information of each of those employees in each letter so to do this first you would go to this electronic ACA acknowledgment report window and using the lookup button on the file name entry you want to select that 2022 electronic file that you submitted now when you select it it's going to populate the associated receipt ID and the acknowledgement file that you downloaded from the IRS last year assuming that you entered it and associated it after you did your electronic uploads last year now if data tech did some of those uploads for you we tried to go back into your systems and do those associations but it can be done at any time we just got to make sure we associate the correct file name with the correct receipt ID and the correct acknowledgment file and save it and then it stays in there in your program so if you want to export the 10 validation details into an excel file you click into that 10 validation export file field and you enter a file name for the spreadsheet you can use the Explorer button next to the field to select a location in your network or on your on your PC to save that file and then when you click preview it goes ahead and creates that excel file for you then you can use that excel file to mail merge or merge print the notices so one you have your rich text file template letter you tell it in the last field the employee notice RTF field which template you want to use and then it can when you hit preview it can populate the Excel spreadsheet information onto those letters so after you created a template for the solicitation select the file name I just went over that actually click preview and the sample templates that we have are in the HR help file so once you get the latest version of HR you'll see we have a couple of sample templates you'll want to run those templates if you're planning to use them by your legal counsel and your HR personnel if you have an HR department that way you can amend any of the verbage there as you see fit or as your legal counsel suggests and then you can go ahead and create those letters.

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