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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Who Form 1094 B Participating

Instructions and Help about Who Form 1094 B Participating

What's the end of the month so many of you have already received your w-2 form if you haven't and it's coming soon fox5 I teams data file says now is the time to start getting tax prep ready Dana yep got to get to it if you start now you can do a few things a week to prepare yourself that way if you wait until the last minute start actually in the filing process a chunk of the prep work is out of the way so let's lay out a calendar week one get the numbers together sure you know your social security number and your tax ID number but you got to make sure you've got your spouse's or your ex is ready you know you make those voicemail calls and you have to wait and wait and wait get on it now and get out those tax returns from the last three years and have them ready to reference as well let's move on to week to this week jot down your child care expenses get an end of your total do you pay alimony find out how much and if you're the parent claiming the child get ready with the IRS is 883 to form I've already got a link on my facebook page Dana foul Fox 5 moving on to week 3 we're going to talk about education payment hopefully you've kept itemized receipts for educational expenses and collect those scholarship records you're going to need two forms here 1098-t for tuition 1098 e for student loan interest again I've got the links for you week for retirement income you're going to need a whole bunch of forms here this is a 1099 are for pension or IRS income there's one for Social Security income and there's one for even railroad retirement income there's one for IRA contributions if you have any other sources of income get those figures ready and week five Affordable Care Act now if you participate in the marketplace you have information you have to gather here too and yes I've got links to the forms for you anyway what this does is give you a template gives you up the plan get that stuff on the calendar you may need to do more than this and what I've offered you so you know say you're self-employed you drive your own vehicle for work carve out a few days for that as well but just go ahead and get started I'm in the same boat I'm going to get some things done this evening to you know what you're right about making a plan Dana because either way we got to do it whether we now or wait till the last minute right exactly you just have to get it on this schedule and knock it out just little bits at a time all right some good advice this morning Dana thank you.

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