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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Who Form 1094 B Index

Instructions and Help about Who Form 1094 B Index

Welcome to YouTubers Love Excel number 119. Hey, if you want to download this workbook and follow along, click on my YouTube channel and then click on my college website link. You can download the workbook YouTubers of Excel 112-120. Hey, this YouTuber asked about an exact video. He tried to do an Excel named trick number 7 in direct function and he had a problem. Again, I always have notes up at the top and videos that refer you to other videos for further explanation. Now, here's what we tried to do in that video. We were using the intersect operator. Let me show you how the intersect operator works. If I say equals this right here and then a space and then this right here, that's showing up in white. You can't see that there's an equal sign, a range of space, and range. By putting a space, it says please find the intersection of the two. Now, notice there's the blue there and there's the green, the dancing ants right there, so it should return that number 3. I'm gonna Ctrl or Alt E A F to get rid of all the. For me, I had some bad formatting there. I went to use the keyboard circuit from earlier versions, but there's the eraser and then clear formats because that was annoying. I was getting in the way. So if I double click this or hit the F2 key, you can see there's blue and green. That's the intersect operator. Well, what he tried to do here was the full video. Now watch this. We're gonna highlight this whole range here. I'm going to use our name trick because we want to Ctrl Z. I want to name this column "time", this column "aids", and this column...