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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Who Form 1094 B Import

Instructions and Help about Who Form 1094 B Import

The broadcast is now starting all attendees are in listen-only mode welcome everyone this is Alex Tolbert with Bernie portal I look forward to sharing with you both some information about 1095 season general and Bernie portals capabilities specifically I'm going to go ahead and share my screen we'll start with some slides and in these slides we're give a little bit of context about 1095-c I know most of you have are familiar with what 295 sees are and we've had two years of going through helping clients with 1095 sees or fielding questions we've gotten some feedback that it's still helpful to get a little bit of context and background just to refresh memories and so we'll spend a little bit of time doing that and then we will check out Bernie portals 1095-c capability and discuss the new service this year available where bernie portal can can mail out the 1095 c's for your clients and and then also do IRS e-file so let's go ahead and we'll start with the slides so what you need to know for 2022 briefly about Bernie portal for those of you who aren't aware from Nashville Tennessee started in 2022 have over 70,000 active users built by brokers for brokers so we really believe in the importance of local healthcare advice which is why we realize since our benefits HR software through local brokers nationwide now the number one reason we're all here that I'll just go ahead and hit on first is because the 1095-c has not gone away and this may in fact be a point of confusion for some clients some employers because they may have seen in headlines that the individual mandate was repealed as part of the tax law change that took place near the end 17 while the individual mandates repealed and you know that's not even in effect yet the reporting requirements that were part of the ACA of knock on away and so employers are still required to file 294 C's 295 C's I had a broker just tell me recently they one of their newer groups recently got a notice that before this broker was the broker they hadn't father to 95 C's and IRS fines assessed for not reporting of $100,000 this is a small landscaping business and so employers are still attuned that they need to do this they may be hearing from their tax people and their brokers about the penalties for not complying and for some reasons that we'll go through here briefly they're probably going to be talking to their broker about looking for help and getting this done so today's agenda we're gonna do a little bit on the background of the 1040 295 see we're in turn about what exactly the requirements are we're going to talk about updates to the rule rules for 2022 and then for those of you who may have had you've got maybe have some employer which we've been using their payroll system to do 1095 C's in the past and yet asking you to support their payroll providers solution we're going to give you some language and also just share with you why the industry is after a couple years of experience and it's concluding that really the best solution for getting this done is to have it be something coming from the Ben admin system plus the broker so let's go ahead and start with the background 1095 C's were a result of the Affordable Care Act the first year that employers had to file them was in 2022 for calendar year 2022 Berni portal was part of that first year so we're just as experienced as any other provider of 1095-c services as anyone in the country the main purpose of these forms is to communicate health insurance information in the government and then as I just mentioned there's a big penalties for non-compliance now what's the difference between a 1094 sienna 1095-c the 1094 si can be thought of as the cover page for one needs to be filed with the government generally there will just be one filed her employer the 1095-c well you're gonna is one of those for every single employee who worked at the company during the year the employer during the year and it's kind of the meat of what gets filed you'd also think that 1095-c is that there's gonna be it's kind of like the health care w2 so every employee gets a w-2 that relates to their pay they get 1095-c that relates to their health insurance let's talk about the requirements so who must file 1085 C's any applicable large employer has to file one which means that they had 50 full-time employees or full-time equivalents during the tax year full-time employees define someone who works least 30 hours a week and if you've got a lot of part-time people you can still qualify if their hours add up to a full-time load that's that's what the IRS means when they talk about a full-time equivalent 2022 updates so what's new this year the good news in some ways is that not a whole lot is new this year but there are some important points to bear in mind so first and foremost the deadlines Furyk's for distributing 1095 seats to employees has been extended it's now March 2nd so this pertains to you know the your employer clients have got two reporting mandates they have to get these reports out to each employee individually so each employee has to get their 1095-c and then the employer has to get all of the 295 C's along with the 1094 C to the IRS so the deadline for that part about getting it to the employee has been extended March 2nd deadlines for filing with the IRS were not changed so if the employer is filing with the IRS of paper they've got to get that.

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