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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Who Form 1094 B Deluxe

Instructions and Help about Who Form 1094 B Deluxe

What's up everyone is Sunday everyone is Sunday and I'm down in the office again gonna make some changes down here I gotta move some stuff around I actually got an Amazon delivery on a Sunday incredible guy pulled up in a you all bad so they must be subcontracting out to two people for deliveries rather than do an ups on the weekends but I got my delivery in so what I'm gonna do is I've got to move this around right here that's my wife's TV from my bedroom so she'd been a little upset that I've had it out here that has chromecast on it and everything so she likes to go down and watch stuff in the bedroom when I'm watching splits upstairs or you know whatever so I ended up getting a new monitor so I'm gonna do an unboxing of the monitor after I move some of the stuff around here on the desk put the TV back into the bedroom and make sure that that's all dumped so I will be getting with you guys in a few moments actually the other thing I also have to do is I have to condense some like that I got yesterday I gotta move that to the other side of the desk cause it's in the way over here so yeah I'm gonna clean up my desk and make it look all party so I'll get back with you guys in a few minutes put this up most likely on the GoPro so you watch me in fast motion I'll be back you idiot two seconds Music so I'm ready to do the unboxing for new monitor that I got for this my desk down here oh it got to gets her TV back and we'll go from there so let's go back to the big camera here alright so we have here the 24 inch LED monitor by Skepta household plan it's not a Sony or a Dell or anything like that but figure I give it a shot let's see what it worked how it works supposed to have speakers in it I don't need that me let's open this puppy up see what it comes with hittin your Mac iMac monitor is not a good thing stand it up we got the power cord up to the side okay styrofoam which is next to impossible to get rid of yeah that's not the way they packed it nice a nice metal bed Oh beauteous no whether it picks it up I'll show you in a second you got the base here who's usually go to pit Java pretty standard go down like so okay the screws in there is okay this piece yeah horizon on it okay and some screws and who actually comes with an HDMI cable oh no nope comes with a vga cable which I do not need and I think that's it in the box yes it is so let's get that out of the way everything pretty much laid out here sadly let's get this monitor out of here we're gonna tell it bezel right looks nice slide that out very nice controls are on the back let's open this up this has all the instructions in it I don't want to drop anything on that bezel five tiny screws that ought to be fun and here's the riser that's pretty cheap this is like a plastic almost another wise are like I said VGA cable which will go in the trash because I don't think I have anything BBA right now some more screws hey notice it actually comes with a screwdriver that's pretty cool Music and we gotta use the manual just to read first I'm not gonna be mounting this on the wall just register all that stuff so let's put that down we need to do if we want to mount it on the wall which like I said I'm not going to okay alrighty so what we first need to do is let's get rid of this plastic because that's gonna flip me off and I said I think this is the part that connects to back Arizer yeah that's what it looks like I'm assuming that goes in the air alright so I would assume the shorter fattest screws are gonna go on the bottom all right the two screws are screwed into the bottom Thank You skeptic further the screw drive up those are much appreciated okay so we have that there is gonna go into the back of the monitor plastic off first no we're gonna have very carefully very very carefully the monitor down right over it like that let's get these two screws and snug can we take this here there we go snaps right on and while I have it on the side let's get the power cord there's a power cord oh I hate these things these little wire tiny things how about one wasn't too bad but usually they suck hey there's the edge just ran back there alright so let's see how this looks on the desk because I look better than I thought really not too bad not too bad at all cool alright so I already have the HDMI plugged into my Mac let's plug that right into cubes upside down oops if I have it the right way plug it in take the other end of the plug here I'm here so okay okay look like I just did I'll get into our surge protector that's in now let's try this around no this is adjustable oh it is very nice okay all right what I'm gonna do right now for some reason I love this I don't know why but I love this sound this is any this is just a piece of plastic that's disappointed there there's actually this blank lot like the max do write to.

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