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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Who Form 1094 B Applies

Instructions and Help about Who Form 1094 B Applies

In this video I'm going to show you how to define your eligibility periods for Affordable Care Act compliance in the integrity data ACA compliance and reporting solution will begin on the company setup window where we have all the information about our company in this window we will identify the eligibility method we are using to help us identify employees that are eligible for health insurance coverage we can choose from the look-back measurement method or the monthly measurement method in most cases we see the look-back of measurement method being used now let's go ahead and set up our standard measurement periods on the standard measurement period window we can look in an existing standard measurement period than we've already defined we haven't named standard measurement 2022 this applies to all employees and all states where we have employees we will use the first day of the next month as a beginning point of the measurement period for an employee we are defining three specific periods standard measurement periods the administrative periods and the stability period the standard measurement period is a period of time over which we test employees to determine their eligibility as to whether or not as an employer we need to offer them coverage under the Affordable Care Act we have these dates set at 10 1 2022 measuring 12 months 29 30 2022 we have an hour administrative period set up from 10-1 2022 to 10 31 2022 this is the period of time in which we have to perform our testing determine who's eligible and to make offers of coverage to those employees the stability period is a period of time through which we need to offer coverage to those eligible employees this is also typically the plan here in this example it's 11 2022 going for 12 months to 12 31 2022 so what we will do is during our administrative period we will look at employees through the standard measurement period all full-time employees will be eligible and then we'll look at part time employees to determine their status under the rules of the Affordable Care Act to determine their eligibility for coverage under a report section of the integrity data aca-compliant in reporting salut let's look at a standard measurement period analysis report so let's go ahead and perform that test that we would run looking back over that standard measurement period this report is showing all part-time employees and their status from an affordable care act viewpoint for example Val has an employee who was a part-time employee and based on her hours to the standard measurement period she is a forecasted ACA status of part time which means that we do not have to offer her coverage through the stability period if we look at hayden Riley Hayden Riley is also a part-time employee but through the standard measurement period she averaged more than 130 hours per month through the standard measurement period so she is designated as a full-time employee from an affordable care act perspective therefore we would need to offer her coverage through the stability period in this case that example is 11 2022 to 12 31 2022 utilizing this report we can download it as a PDF and we can download it into excel for further analysis we also have other options through which we can deliver the report by setting up our standard measurement period and by running this report we can quickly determine who we need to offer coverage to going into our next plan new or stability period making sure that we are compliant with the Affordable Care Act.

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