Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Which Form 1094 B Withholding

Instructions and Help about Which Form 1094 B Withholding

This afternoon my name is Marc Cohn's I'm the CEO of sky insurance technologies and I'm going to be holding our session today where we're going to talk about a serial port we're getting started and employers across the country of course are getting started with their 2021 reporting believe it or not they're still people getting started with 2021 reporting but that's a different conversation which we actually might get into at some point but today's topic we're going to be talking about the 12 most common ACA reporting mistakes a sexual accession I've been wanting to do for quite some time and so I'm looking forward to to being able to share with you from our perspective the things that we see in the marketplace that are it's just a dozen things that are just really really problematic for employers and ends up causing a tremendous amount of problems and so we're going to go ahead and dive in a little bit of housekeeping today's session will be recorded you'll actually be sent out as a follow-up a link that has a copy of the recording also - prior to I believe probably this morning or sometime yesterday you should have received actually a copy of these slides via email as well so if you didn't get those you can of course check your spam so we're going to go ahead and dive in a one more item question and answer section this is one of the things we consistently get very good feedback regarding in the little control panel that you have there is a question section at any time feel free to go ahead and just enter in questions a lot of times here recently honestly I've been getting through all of them so it's very high likelihood that we can we can get your question answered this is a pretty large group of lots of people across the country though so you just never know sometimes we have sessions that are huge and there aren't many questions at all and other times there are it's opposite to where there's just a few but there's tremendous amount of questions and we can't get to everything well certainly do our best and go ahead and begin to send those in and we will get started by taking a look at our agenda for today we're going to just real quick real quickly talk about who we are there's lots of people on this line that we already work with and this actually allows me to kill two birds with one stone and just communicate a couple of things real quickly then we're going to set the stage for ACA reporting I have spoken nationally a countless number of times on ACA reporting in the past eighteen months I always like to do this to just get it back in our brain we get we're shaking off the summer we just want to get it back in our brain what is this ACA reporting all about this is something particularly helpful for consultants as well people that are working with employers a very succinct way to be able to communicate everything that's going on in terms of ACA reporting while we're while we're having to go through all this and why the IRS is requiring it of you is an applicable large employer then we're going to dive into the 12 most common reporting mistakes which this is actually the first time I've done this session in this type of format so we're going to see in terms of time I typically don't like to go over an hour if I can keep it under an hour I certainly will I promise I'm not going to be long-winded the and everything that we try to do we're not trying to create ACA reporting experts we're just trying to give you the minimum amount of information that you need to know to get this done and get it done correctly and so but you know with that being said we can go as deep as you want to is it you want to go of course in the question and answer section and then we're going to talk about three misunderstandings that we just sort of added after we had take a look at these common reporting mistakes there's also three major under misunderstandings that are pretty common in the marketplace and then we'll hop into the the question and answer section all right who are we ski insurance technologies we're the back end actually for lots and lots and lots of people performing ACA reporting around the country we're a full-service reporting and tracking firm we do all the code determination we e-file we do it all so we as far as in terms of different types of reporting packages we have more of a do-it-yourself kind of reporting packages all the way to truthful service which is as our as a new offer that we have for this year and we've been stunned honestly that the number of people and our total sales is an organization the overwhelming majority of more truthful service truthful service clients get a dedicated Account Manager who walks them through the entire process but they also get something else when they when the client first of all they have an initial discovery session get the clients completely set up to make sure you know in the system we have planned classes correct and that they don't have any questions what have you then the clients just send us the raw medical and raw payroll beta and we do it all for them we generate everything all the way to the forms and then give them to the client let them look at it obviously because ultimately it's on you but truthful service is really what it sounds like our data team essentially tries to do everything we can possibly do including.

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