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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Which Form 1094 B Reduction

Instructions and Help about Which Form 1094 B Reduction

Let me go ahead and get started I want to thank you for attending our webinar here today as each of you may know we have been providing a webinar to our brokers who are benefit broker partners for the last seven or eight years here now on the first wednesday of each month and over the last five years the Affordable Care Act has provided a tremendous amount of of of guidance regulations requirements obligations you name it agita or whatever you want to call it it's created a lot and over these last several weeks this new deadline this ACA reporting deadline has created even more kind of tension confusion and questions and what we thought we would do here today for you is compile this kind of common frequently asked questions that we have received not only from our clients and possibly prospects but also from you I mean we are talking to you all the time and we are always uh you know learning and providing direction that you know a lot back to you guys so we're hearing a lot of questions as what we thought we'd focus on in today's webinar was really focused on those top questions those top areas of confusion because as I've said before you know you as a benefits broker you truly are the the most trusted ACA advisor to your clients you are going to be looked at more so more than any other advisor relationship and and for that it's an awesome position to be in so today we're going to be focusing in on those Kiev a ques but before we get started let me just introduce myself my name is Steve Jackson I'm the senior vice president of strategic development and channel sales and you know we've been fortunate to have worked with many of you over these many years and we're thrilled to have you on today because you know really hear the beginning of october and and certainly it even started a little sooner than that october but we're now well into our renewal you know our top selling season all of us and so i know you're busy you've got a lot of other opportunities and appointments that are available so I'm thrilled that you took the time here today sit with us as far as the logistics we will be recording this webinar here today and so that link will be provided on our public youtube channel so look for broker concierge on youtube and you can access actually Wow a lot of the webinars that we've done even over the last couple years few years actually so that information is there at your disposal usually it takes a couple days to get this particular presentation loaded on that site but we will be providing a follow-up email to that also for our broker concierge partners we will be providing a copy of the slide deck presentation for your review and use and depending on the questions we do covet your questions so as many of you have you found the question box go ahead and type in your question along the way if we have a sufficient number of questions we can go ahead and turn those around in an FAQ and then deliver that back to all of our broker concierge partners okay so if there's a enough of those we'll put that together for you if we find that it's it's a you know beneficial to you overall so let's go ahead and get started you know as I was thinking about as many of you know that they've participated in these webinars you know I I change up our presentation all the time you know based on seasons the time of the year and so forth so yeah okay October leaves right I mean change change is in the air so I had to put the leaves in there and I was trying to think of this kind of analogy you know thinking about your employers and thinking about all the trees that must be on their property and leaves that may fall right and there's going to be a bunch of piles of leaves and think of those piles as obligations many of those employers are hoping that it's just a pile of leaves whereas many clients might be uncovering leaves and uncovering obligations that I didn't even know may exist you know so as you see here with this slide this particular slide it kind of uncovers the the ACA compliance that if it uncovers additional obligations of ACA and what we found here over the last several weeks and even months is that employers may not even be aware of their specific obligation for 2022 let alone 2022 and I think that it's very much up to you and certainly us but it's certainly up to you to really discuss the various requirements and obligations and ensure that your clients are fulfilling this obligation what I would ask you to do based on our kind of you know actually quite a bit number numerous conversations that you need to ask some specific questions to your clients to ensure that they are fulfilling these obligations so so it is so today we've got a few pieces of agenda that I think you'll find very helpful these are all centered around ACA reporting ok so we've tied this all in and so what I'd like to do here just initially is update you on the final instruction language in what they have used now for HRA so I want to give you an update on how the reporting requirements will apply to HRAs so the answer or the statement there was will okay but now on a very limited kind of a basis so woohoo where we are we are thrilled with the language here thus far I am then going to talk about commonly.

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