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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Which Form 1094 B Providers

Instructions and Help about Which Form 1094 B Providers

If I could get your attention I'd like to welcome everyone I mixed civil with you nicole midlands and on behalf of unico midlands and our host today Blue Cross Blue Shield of Nebraska we'd like to welcome you in person to the seminar and just so you're aware of it we're also broadcasting this via a webinar to some of our clients and associates who could not be here today so if you and the audience have a question the mics will pick up what you're asking the speakers but we'd ask you to speak up just a bit if you tend to be on the shy side so that they can pick that up and the speakers will try to repeat the question for our webinar yes we also are recording it so there will be available for playback if you happen to have an associate or someone in your office that would like to hear it later we'll give you a connection for a playback so what we're going to do today is talk a little bit about you Nicole midlands start with introductions and then we're going to turn it over to the experts from blue cross blue shield to talk about the reporting requirements which we realize is the main reason you're here but just in terms of the commercial part first on behalf of the unico midlands team i'd like to ask the producers and the employee benefits team from unico midlands to please stand up and recognize you as a group so as you can see we've got quite a group of people here and for those of you that maybe didn't get the news or aren't up to speed on the news uniqlo and midlands had a merger last fall we officially became one group in october albeit we'd worked together for a couple of years prior to that so you'll see some of our branding is unico midlands and for those of you that aren't familiar with unicode group unico group is a employee benefits and commercial insurance broker for about a hundred and ten people we do business in 38 states now so we've got a large set of resources behind us not only for employee benefits but for commercial insurance workers comp insurance etc and we do work with a lot of different carriers our favorite carrier is obviously Blue Cross Blue Shield and we want to thank them in Tracy Larson for everything she's done to set this up she got us the food in the room so we obviously Oh Tracy a great shape thank you she has some team members here today that will be introduced in just a minute but two more things I wanted to point out one if you need a restroom out this door to your right or the restrooms please just utilize them as necessary the meeting will conclude at one o'clock so hopefully we won't cut into your afternoon schedules too much and number two we wanted to talk just a little bit about unica midlands and something that we think is pretty exciting six months from now we're going to be moving into one of the neb co-owned buildings downtown so will become a neighbor of Blue Cross Blue Shield some of you might be familiar that Midlands has a building in South Lincoln unico has a building on o Street both groups have grown so large we decided we're going to have to co-locate so there's going to be some new office space announcement about six months from now and we'll be getting that out to all of our clients obviously as the time draws nearer theoretically it'll be februari first now that might mean two months either side of that depended upon what things happen as some of you that have ever been through a relocation though but hopefully that news will be coming out and we'll be able to share that when the time comes today we're excited to have experts that can talk about some of these crazy reporting requirements that the Affordable Care Act is forced on all of us as clients responsible for an employee group as brokers and people that work with clients just as ordinary citizens we're all faced with kind of complicated and ever increasing challenges with these things today's not meant to give you every answer today is meant to be in a continuation of the conversation some questions you have asked us individually hopefully will be answered you're more than welcome to ask questions of the speakers as we proceed through this Blue Cross was gracious enough to provide the handout which will be most of the slight information and some of the commentary so that is obviously yours to make notes take home to your colleagues etc but hopefully we'll get through at least some of your questions and help add to some of your knowledge base that we all need to do our jobs day to day if any of you would like a little more food or drink obviously help yourself don't wait for us to invite you a second time it's kind of like a family gathering you have to just kind of take it on your own to do it when you need to we may have a few more clients who are running late for meetings this morning and so will welcome them as the time comes but without further ado I would like Tracy to come up and she's going to introduce the rest of the Blue Cross and again Tracy thank you for hosting today otherwise I would have actually I have challenges here we so appreciate all you guys comes out to display your up here yourself Thanks come on again i have a huge rookies also a stick with us you tryna go ahead to sail with your old here and maybe kind of times it take.

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