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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Which Form 1094 B Preparation

Instructions and Help about Which Form 1094 B Preparation

Welcome detective return calm the ultimate tap solution and the complete package filing your tax returns not only do we pryou with the most easy to use and powerful software available in filing your tax returns we also have a wealth of resources at your fingertips so make sure to come visit us at ten-forty return calm today this video will demonstrate how to use our innovative 1040 return calm software to file a return with the Affordable Health Care Act for a single individual so let's get started welcome to 1040 return calm this video is for the affordable healthcare act of a single individual okay let's begin by clicking on the start for free button since we don't have any account let's create one by clicking on the here link so for this example I will create a sample account however feel free to fill in your own information instead don't forget to click on the Terms of Service Agreement box below and when you're all set press create account to get started now we get to the About You page for this example we will be using single for filing status and we'll be using sample information in this case John Smith and a sample social security number and birth date again feel free to fill in your own information instead we will click on next proceed on this page we find a continuation of the About You page so we will enter the information with sample telephone numbers in case we need to reach you if there are any issues the email address is already auto filed and for occupation we will say that John Smith is a cook and we click Next moving on we will click no for can anyone claim you as a dependent then click Next on this page we enter in John sample address then we click Next when ready on this page we type in Baltimore for John's School District then click Next in this example we won't do anything with the return election so we will just hit save and continue so now we have all our initial information filled in let's click on let's get started we'll add our first w-2 so we click on yes this form is just for John so we'll click his name and then click Next since the employee name and the address isn't different we click on now then press next here on the employer information page we will enter some fictitious information for Don's employer bill restaurant we click on Next to proceed so for dogs wages will enter twenty 2440 with 2354 federal income tax withheld twenty 2444 Social Security wages and 1453 for Social Security tax withheld twenty 2444 Medicare wages and tips and 339 for Medicare tax with how I would click on next on this page we won't be filling in anything as John had no other informations we click on next to show you how easy it is to do a state return on this page we will select the state of Maryland for this return and enter in a sample state ID number for state wages will enter twenty 2440 1784 state income tax then we'll click Save to save this information since we didn't have any other w2's to file we click no since that was all the income dawn had we can click on I'm finished we don't have any deductions to worry about to let's start the health care forum and click on the health care link and hit them let's get started but since everyone had health care coverage we click on yes John did use in exchange so we click on yes and here we see that 1095 84 in box 2 we will enter in John's sample policy number and the rest of the boxes we will enter in sample information we then scroll down and click yes since all the amounts were the same here in box 33 you enter in a total amount since our payments were even throughout the year we then fill in the boxes with sample information we scroll down and click on no since there were no shared allocation we also click no since no one was added or removed from John's coverage and that's it see how easy it was to fill out it 1095 a form you click Save and continue so now let's look at John state tax return and click on the state taxes link remember for the low-cost 1495 you can work on as many state returns as you need and we will now click on the work on my state return but because of how powerful this software is at ten-forty return com we really don't need to do too much to the state return we click on continue so now we will review all of this and when ready click continue and here we see we got 1318 for a federal refund and 383 for a state refund so let's click on continue and you can see the software is now double checking our return to ensure everything was entered click on continue since our return looks good let's click on the yes I'd like to create a preview of my return link below Oh to generate a preview of our return before we pay for it not too many tax companies allow you to do that so once ready we click on the view return button to open it we now see John Smith's tax return here you will see the new 8960 to form we just completed once finished let's click continue since we want to eat file the federal return and the state return we will click on continue here we will see the 1040 protect option which is a very good thing to have if you ever get audited 1040 return will come in intercede on your behalf and help.

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