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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Which Form 1094 B Misc

Instructions and Help about Which Form 1094 B Misc

You tell you about something you should be concerned about and I learned this because covered California aka Obamacare and covered California basically screwed me big-time they held on to look close to six thousand dollars of my money for a whole year through the IRS and let me tell you what they did and you need to be aware of this when you're filing taxes the key numbers are 10 95 - 8 that's what you do basically what the government it's the summary that the health care provider like Kaiser will send you for what was paid and what the government paid etc you take that and you fill out the 8960 - on the tax form when you when you receive that and you will be taxed on that urine as income so you get one from your employer called the 1095 beam so when you get to 1095 - beat which you should also be looking for make damn sure that if you had any insurance that had to do with covered California through Kaiser anybody else you best be looking for 1095 a because what happened to me was they filed Kaiser with the IRS saying that I was covered by the covered Calibre's by Kaiser for all of 2022 when I had a job and I had insurance and the company was banned for Blue Shield Blue Cross for me at the time so I had no clue why when I did my taxes in 2022 they held on to it for two months yet it got the state refund back but I had to fight for a year almost went all the way to attacks advocate I felt out I called them seven eight times was on the phone I faxed him a hundreds of pages of documents over and over fought with them to prove time and time again because they kept saying that they needed the 8960 to filled out so I'm telling you right now you better if you have had anything to do with covered California then you better be watching for that 1095-a and not file your taxes unless you get that foot on the 8960 - and again if you just have insurance through your prthrough your company that's a 1095 B so let's get this straight so if you had kullaberg California and you're gonna get a 1095 a they will file that with the IRS they will send that for your your 1095 a to the IRS so they know which in my case they were saying they paid four thousand seven hundred and sixty two dollars so I was waiting for my refund to five thousand dollars how my submitted tax return in my return they halted it because they say they said that I had to claim that four thousand seven hundred sixty two on the 8960 - in the form when I filed so I've sent them back and said I never had that in damn insurance I never used it and I proved it by sending them the 1095 B which showed that I had covered insurance from my employer for the whole year do you got it it is complicated but not that much it's not rocket science but 1095-a is what Obamacare and covered California will file with the government on what you ended up doing then they will report that to the IRS and expect that to be claimed on the 8960 - when you end up filing your taxes so if you don't take care of that or you don't get that eighty nine that 1095-a again filed they will hold your tax return and they will they will screw with you and like Isis so for one year they held on to five grand of my goddamn money they didn't pay me no 3% interest like they did when they when I had to pay 2022 taxes which they filed they charged me 3% so what I'm saying here is just be careful thank you Kaiser for paying all that when I wasn't even using your damn insurance I had no idea I only found it out by logging into coverage California and to 1095-a which started the whole battle which I found out that was bogus so in the end I had to go to a tax advocate we had to both confront the IRS show them the damn 1095-a for the third time after being on the phone clarifying with them and telling them I never had insurance from Keyser through covered California which took me three months to try to get when I was unemployed and I never got it so there's your Obamacare be damn well aware of the 1095-a that it goes to the 8960 to make damn sure you find that 1095 B before you file your taxes and I'm gonna make it a point the snapshot that damn thing send it to them with the big note saying do not expect to see a 1095 a do you see this do you understand that in bold on a piece of paper with a copy of my damn 1095 B those son of a bitches so I'm just saying I'm pissed I was I don't see anybody who wouldn't be if you have $5,000 sitting there for a year that you couldn't use so be careful.

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