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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Which Form 1094 B Intuit

Instructions and Help about Which Form 1094 B Intuit

In this walkthrough I'd like to discuss how to print your w-2 and 1099 forms from your office from the yearly desktop application we'll also touch on the ability to print your w3 and 1096 transmittals so once you've entered all of your information and are ready to print your forms you come back to the dashboard and select the print button and then you'll select the form type that you want to print on the print dialog you will see the different form types and you'll want to select the form type that you'd like to print and in the middle column where it says select copy we have a lot of different formats so we have the two per page two recipients per page or a two up form that has the same recipient on one page or we have three up options or four up or even the universal format and also the pressure seal format and then below the the copies or the different formats that we offer is a selection for your blank forms or your pre-printed forms and you can toggle between whichever one you would prefer we have many different print options between the two and then once you feel confident that you want to go ahead and print you can hit the preview button or you can print via the print button as well if we look at the 1099 print options you will see a very familiar screen of what I just showed you you'll again want to select your 1099 form type that you want to print and then you have your list of formats and by default the blank form will be selected if you if you have that version of the software a few other comments I want to make though is on both the W and the 1099 dialog there's a select recipients tab and by default all the recipients are selected so they'll all be printed however you can make changes to that you could just print one at a time by selecting the one recipient that you'd like the print and going back to the select return tab and selecting the options that you want to choose from another comment is that the IRS does allow the 1099 recipient copies to have the ein or the SSN be masked are truncated and by default that is a setting that is now it's not checked but you can always check the box each time you want to print or you can change it in the settings menu there's an option where you just check a box and by default it will always be be selected and then one other final comment on the printing of the transmittals what you're going to want to do is you're going to want to preview the copy a form so that it can summarize the totals in the background for you so 1096 is a summary of all the forms for a particular payer that you need to print and so the first thing you need to do is tell us what forms you want to preview so you would come in and select the copy a under the pre-printed forms because the copy a the 1099s is still required to be in a red ink format and then you just hit the preview button and that will open up a dialog that you can preview all the forms and then you'll just close out that that option and then to print the transmittals you just hit cancel print transmittals and then you'd select the 1086 form click OK and then you select the form type that you want to create the 1096 for because you can only have one 1086 perform type and you can select the pre-printed form because the pre-printed form is a requirement you need to have that in a red ink format so that the IRS will accept it and then you'd hit preview and the same process works for the w3 as well you would preview the copy A's photo w-2s to generate the summary or the w3 and in that way we know what you want data you want to have summarized on the w3 over 296 if you have any questions you can visit our knowledge base at yearly desktop bright-line calm and appreciate your time today.

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