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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Which Form 1094 B Import

Instructions and Help about Which Form 1094 B Import

Demo I'd like to discuss the import ability of the 1085 see these same steps can apply through the 1095 be and the 1080 for see when they become available in December of 2022 once you've installed yearly desktop and open the application you'll click on the import data and you'll select either import via Excel or import vs CSV first thing you want to do is to download the import template and instructions and you'll want to select the hyperlink to the form type that you'd like it'll ask you where you want to save your file and the instructions will come either on the second tab of the excel file or in a PDF format please review those to make the most efficient import process available and so let's discuss the import file at first it's broken up into different sections of the form the first section in blue is the employers information and any column headings in red are required for the import and then the grey column headings are not required for importing data we did want to accommodate employers that only have some of the data or all of the data for 1085 forms and the column headings here are all of the applicable columns that you could import into the software if you see a gray commenting that you don't need to go ahead and delete that column heading another important comment for the import file or template itself is you can import more than one company depending on how you want to to do all the importing of the data and one row equals one form so all of the data on row 2 is equivalent to one employees 1095 see form so you've got your employer information first followed by the employee information and then finally you get to the actual lines 14 through 16 where you have your offer of coverage in line 14 followed by the lowest employee share of line 15 and then file following is the safe harbor codes and each of those different sections have an all 12 months column and then each individual month if applicable as well and then that section is followed by the covered individual information and we can accommodate up to 25 covered individuals per employee if if needed so any check boxes that you see you'll use true to check the box or the number 12 also check the box if you do not want the box checked then you can either leave it blank or 0 or false would also leave that unchecked as well so for businesses that do not have let's say the payroll information that that you need then then you could just import that subset of information and the column heading is the key the critical component of all of this and that will map to the appropriate field on the actual 1080 5c form so once you've merged all of your data onto our template you would save it into a directory that that you'd like and then go back into the yearly desktop application import data import vs CSV or Excel and then select the radio button next to the form type you want to import it will ask you where your file is located once you select that will run a list of validations against it in the background and we are looking at the IRS specifications and we'll identify any issues with your file that may be present we have two types of errors on that audit page and the first type is a critical error and these are just bad data and so if two examples of that would be if you have an invalid phone number for example we're going to show you that that's invalid we're going to give you the incorrect value along with the location in your file so you can easily go back and fix the errors if you have any of these critical errors present in your file you will not be able to import so the only option is to print the page or hit cancel and have to go back fix it and then try the import again now we do have missing data as another section of of errors and this would be indicative of I only have you know let's say benefit information and I don't have the payroll information needed and so we've identified any required fields for filing so in this area we're going to show you the first time we notice a specific error message the example that's given here is you had checked the self-insured or part 3 checkbox and you didn't include any covered individual information and so this is information that you'll need to just data key into the software and that way once you get into the the application you'll be able to file now you'll we bet highly recommend you print this page so that you'll be able to know what you need to do for each individual payer or employer information once the data is in the application so after you've got a clean data set or you know at least a clean data set that just have missing data included the imported information will show up in your payer list and your recipient list and so if you accidentally or inadvertently imported really bad data you could just come back in here select the employer that you want to delete all together and that will delete the payer information the employee information and the actual forms so that you can try the import again so that's very easy if you import bad data to fix that and delete the information out of these software one other resource I wanted to mention is on our knowledge base which is located on line at yearly desktop greatland calm and select the knowledge base and a reference that I would recommend is looking.

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