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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Which Form 1094 B Corrected

Instructions and Help about Which Form 1094 B Corrected

Welcome and thank you for taking a few moments to learn about the Atrix complete ACA ii filing service once you have launched the Atrix ACA product from your host software you'll be guided through a few steps to setup your company in the first question you will be asked whether you want to do a test drive which you can do at any time or are you in fact beginning to file you will verify your company iin your company address information you will then be asked whether or not you are filing for your own company or are a third party tax preparer you'll have to identify whether you are filing for your company or are a designated government entity filing on behalf of an employer you can select which method if any you would like to choose to truncate social security numbers as a security measure you will then have to identify whether you have a single filing or have multiple departments and/or locations and are filing multiple databases which would be merged at the end of the process once that information is complete your employee information will then be uploaded into the ACA preparer and you'll have to answer a few questions in order to complete the 1094 section which is what is filed to the federal government the first question is whether you prany self insurance coverage for all or part of your employee base do you have any foreign addresses in your database you'll need to verify the total number of form 1095-c s submitted with this transmittal you will need to identify whether you are the authoritative transmittal for this e is if the answer is yes you will need to indicate whether or not all of your employees that are required to be filed for are included in this filing if the answer is yes the number that appears in the lower box here should match the same number that is in the top box once these questions are answered you can see that the information on the right-hand side of the form is filled in automatically once your company information has been set up the employee information will need to be very five in step to the employee contact information is verified that appears in the box in the top left hand side of this preparer you can see that Social Security numbers addresses and other various information that will be tied to these employees are included once the employee contact information is complete if your company provides any self-insured coverage for employees we'll have a list of dependents associated with it the information in below would need to be completed for all 12 months of the coverage for each of those individuals those individuals that are not covered by self insurance will not appear in this box in this step you will identify those employees who have chosen to accept their 1095 s via electronic delivery only this means they will not receive a paper copy of the 1095 and will access their 1095 via a secure web site in the final step you will verify the employee coverage status in the top box on the right hand side you can see that if the employees coverage did not change throughout the entire year you will simply complete the first box for the all year with a coverage code and/or safe harbor code if that coverage has changed throughout the course the years say a rate increase or employee contribution difference then each month will have to be completed individually once all of this information is completed you simply choose the level of service you would like to use of course the complete filing service has the best value and will complete all of your filing requirements you can choose to receive a CD for off-site storage and/or additional backup you will be given a list to review of all of the forms that will be completed during this process you can see the federal 1094 1095 C will be completed the employee copies will be completed and you have the option of printing an employer copy for storage at your facility you now have the option to view each of these four in their entirety or simply spot-check and take a look at each one the first form which is being displayed is the 1094 form which is the federal form filed to the IRS you can view each page individually you then have the option of printing or simply moving forward your federal 1095 C's are then presented again you can review each of these individually if you choose and then will have the option of printing a records copy moving on the instructions are provided for your convenience so you can read them and review them print them and prthem to your employees or simply move forward the employee our 1095 C's are for your copies and can be printed and finally the employee 1095 seasonings are actual copies of the 1095-c that your employees will receive again these can be reviewed individually or you can choose to print them once that has happened you will be transferred to the Atrix efile Center and you will login using the credentials that you have created yourself at efile Atrix comm in order to set your credentials you would go to e-file Dietrich's com simply select the enroll button at the top of the page and complete the form which is presented to you answers to virtually all your questions about ACA filings can be accessed at partnered Atrix comm slash ACA this site is available for you at any time and can pryou information about printing about pricing about federal requirements thank you very much for taking a few moments to learn just how simple it is to file your ACA forms using the Atrix complete efile service you.

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