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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Where Form 1094 B Import

Instructions and Help about Where Form 1094 B Import

Hello and welcome to millenniums Affordable Care Act presentation of the 1090 5c form set up to set up the 1090 5c form first go to system then system set up and then choose the tab w / 1099 form set up on this screen you're going to choose asterisks to add you and enter a code I'm just going to use 1095 see as my code then for the form from the drop-down menu find the 1095 see and click on it and then lastly you just want a description for the form going to write ACA 1095 see and now click on layout in the Layout tab you will define which form you are going to use as well as some of the printing parameters the first field is the layout click on the down arrow and pick either the official IRS form or the nelco form here is a quick snapshot of both forms first is the IRS form it prints in landscape format this particular screenshot was printed in legal size paper it was truncated just for the PowerPoint but you get an idea if you add your addresses what it would look like there are no instructions that are included when you use the IRS form next is the demco form the knuckle form prints in portrait format it does include the instructions this particular example shows you how it would look on letter size paper and now back to the layout the next field is stock size if you click on the drop-down arrow you will see your choices are letter size or legal-size please keep in mind that this should be blank stock as both the form and the data will print Nexus the duplex mode in this area you can choose to include the return address and/or the mailing address you can also choose whether or not you want this information to print on the reverse and notice when you choose to print something on the reverse it now opens up the duplex mode area in the duplex mode you can choose to print this information either horizontally or vertically you can also choose to include the sort headers on top of the mailing address here is an example of how a legal size official IRS layout would look with duplex printing on the reverse next is the scale the scale allows you to adjust the size of your image whether up if you want to make it larger or down if you want to make it smaller you can adjust it from eighty-five percent up to 115 percent and the last section is the position adjustments you can adjust out of the form the data the return address or the mailing address if you click on the ellipse on any one of these choices it will open up the adjust form location window you can pick your unit of measurement which determines how much you want to move and then pick the direction whether up down left or right once you've made your changes click OK and then test prints again this concludes millenniums Affordable Care Act presentation of the 1090 5c form set up.

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