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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Where Form 1094 B Excepted

Instructions and Help about Where Form 1094 B Excepted

This is a shorter condensed version of the last video I did regarding Obamacare covered California and what had happened they claimed in 2023 that I had that I was using covered California and they were paying my medical for 2023 all the 2023 which at that time I had a job well my job was paying my insurance so what happened was when I filed my taxes for TurboTax I ended up getting about 7 grand Mac 2023 from state 5,000 from federal I got the 2,000 back right away both were gonna be done direct deposit and when that what happened was when I was waiting for my 5,000 from federal it never came so I'm wondering why I finally get it get the nice fat mail-in you know in regular snail mail open it all up and it's all this thing about that I had you know they've that covered Kaiser had filed to 1095 aid with the IRS of four thousand seven hundred twenty three dollars that they had been paying been paid by the government for me and I had a job all 2023 where my employer paid so four days later I got a 1095 B but this was only after me hunting down and finding the 1095 a in color of California's logon website so in short it cost me of year of fighting with that damn government the IRS calls sending emails faxing them having them turn around send me another request a second time saying they need to have the 8960 to filled out because they had the 1095 a and I sent all that paperwork back and the same thing saying look you blithering idiots I did not have the insurance here's my 1095 be show and I had insurance...