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Instructions and Help about When Form 1094 B Investments

Hi and welcome you're listening to the x 22 report my name is dave and this is episode 1099 a and today's date is october 12 2021 and the top of the episode is the central bank wants more control of the economy and it's pushing for it let's get into the economic collapse financial news now we are moving closer and closer to this perfect storm and this perfect storm is going to happen during the election or prior to the election period because what we're seeing right now is the elite essential bankers they're nervous about what is going to happen and there are many things happening all at once we have the economy which is deteriorating very very quickly now when we look at the economic indicators we see that the real people economy it is not doing well the manipulated numbers yes they're doing well because they can manipulate them they can manipulate the stock market GDP unemployment keep precious metals suppressed but when you look at what the people are doing you can see they have no control of this and they're very angry about this they're starting to point fingers of who's responsible for this and those people who are not spending those people who are not taking their money out of the bank and using it in retail or purchasing a home these people they're the ones who are ruining the economy but you have to remember why aren't the people doing this the people aren't doing this is because they don't feel confident when people don't feel confident they don't take their money and they don't go spend when people don't have jobs they don't go into the you know they don't take their money they don't go and spend their money when people are hearing rumors of layoffs in corporations and they fear that one day they'll lose their job they're not going to go spend their money when the next generation can't find jobs out of college and they have all the student loan debt guess what they're not going to go out and spend their money and when you see what is going on around the country around the world you can see why people are very nervous about what is happening right now and people realize that they need to change and we're seeing more and more companies coming out and saying listen revenue is falling sales are just not there and of course they're making different excuses of why this is all happening but we all know why it's all happening we understand that the economy is not doing well but we see arrogance Erickson their sales they have plunged and they are warning that things are getting really bad and they're out there saying that profits have plunged by seventeen percent they're warning investors they're saying that the third quarter sales and profitability down the toilet it's the tier rating faster than expected and there is no turnaround insight whatsoever of course they're blaming Brazil Russia Middle East what's happening in Europe that's who does that that's what they're blaming it on but when you look at the situation all these companies have one thing in common is that sales are declining revenue is declining they're laying off people and the outlook doesn't look good and the reason for all of this it's because the economy is contracting deteriorating collapsing and this is why all these companies retailers shipbuilders electronic makers this is why this is all happening right now we see daewoo shipbuilding they're going to cut their workforce by twenty four percent because of losses I mean that's 3,000 jobs so more and more people are being let go we see from Bank of America did this last time where we looked at the bank of america internal data on credit card spending and again credit card spending is spending money that you really don't have but they use this to see how the economy is doing so when people get their credit cards freed up a little bit they go out and they spend a little bit but they're spending money they really don't have but what we're seeing is September does not look good spending is deteriorating and we can see right now that this next report coming up where they're going to be looking at retail spending it is probably not going to improve that much now we are coming into the holiday season we understand halloween is coming up Thanksgivings coming up then we have the holiday season so we will see a little bit of an upward movement in spending but it's not going to be where it should be because what we're seeing right now is a contraction of spending a contraction of retail a contraction of the global economy and what we're seeing right now it is getting worse and worse than every holiday season when we started looking back at 2021 go into 2013-2021 2021 we can see the trend every single year where the holiday season gets worse and worse and worse and we look at Black Friday Cyber Monday and sales just aren't there and every year after the holiday seasons we see thousands upon thousands of stores continually closed go bankrupt lay off people and nothing is going to change actually it will change its going to get worse this holiday season is probably going to be one of the worst holiday seasons that we've seen since 2021 we see Deutsche Bank well they're just trying to stay afloat they have sold another 1.5 billion in debt at junk bond terms they're doing whatever they possibly can just to keep the bank alive and we can see right now all of this is band-aid fix fixes I mean they are in very big trouble remember most of the banks throughout Europe in the United States these banks are insolvent these stress.

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