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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing When Form 1094 B Desktop

Instructions and Help about When Form 1094 B Desktop

Hello today we are going to going over the process of help to import in 1085 information into the yearly software we're going to go over how to download the import template how to edit the import template how to import the excel file and how to fix any errors to import the 1095 information into yearly click on the import data button select import via Excel select the ten m54 you would like to import and then click OK you can download a sample import file by clicking on the Excel template and instructions link so that where to save the file you can change the name of this file if you wish click on the enable content button at the top to enable macros these macros will help you to validate information on the import template you can click on help to see frequently asked questions about the import file and you can also click on field name and length to see what the character language is for each field on the form click on template to view the 1095 import template the top row of the import file are the column headers these header tabs should not be changed nor should any red headed be removed if macros are enabled the import file will validate information in the file automatically here will enter an unexpected value in the employer state column the import file will flag the entry as an incorrect value and display a message to indicate what is expected to be entered in this case the file is expecting the state's abbreviation if you click the validation is on wennen we can disable validations this will allow for any values we entered on the sheet without any validation being performed here we see that we can enter an invalid value in the cell with all it means like if validations are turned off you can click the validate all Now button to validate all the information entered in the file if any errors are found the cell will be highlighted in yellow and the message will appear indicating what value is expected make the necessary changes to the cell and click the validate all Now button again to clear the errors after the import template is completed go back into the yearly program and click the browse for file button locate the import file you have created select a file and click open the program will go through some validations depending on the size of your import file this process may take a few minutes if there are errors found in the import file the audit report will be displayed dot a report will show the name of the pair the error was found under the recipient name the error was found under the description of the error the value the import had an issue with and the row and column the error can be found in on the original import file in this case the first name of the recipient is too long after reviewing the errors click on the export error file button name the file whatever you would like and save it or desired the error report will open automatically Colome will display the error description found on each row scroll to the right and look at cells on it in a yellow cells and yellow contained errors made the applicable changes and save the errors file clicking castle on the audit report a message will appear indicating that the forms were not imported click OK go through the import process again this time choosing the errors file you nor errors on the import file the information will be imported and a message will appear indicating how many pairs and forms were imported you can view the imported information in the pair list and in the recipient list if you have any additional questions please contact us at 92033 92037.

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