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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing How Form 1094 B Mileage

Instructions and Help about How Form 1094 B Mileage

We're going to be taking a look at the approval process for your form 1095 fees now if you've already completed the data entry for your 1095 sees once we go through the calculation process your 1095 sees should be available for you to confirm to access your 1095 seized from the main menu of pay entry we're going to go into the company set up and then look for the ACA tab now there are two options available under the ACA tab you have your company ACA set up and the ACA form review and approval if we have ran through the calculation of your 1095 sees you should see the second link for the form review and approval this is where you will go to approve your 1095 see forms now when you enter the 1095 ce approval area the system made default to the current calendar year so you may have to override that to look at last year's 295 see forms the system will list out employee by employee all of the data that will be on the 1095 c line 14 15 16 and part 3 the self insurance indicator now if you would like to see what the employees 1095 see would look like you can click on the preview button over to the right and once that has said that the tax form is ready to view you can click on form preview and it will open up a PDF with that employees 1095 see and all of the data filled in now if you are ready to approve the 1095 fees you can select which 1095 sees you'd like to approve or if you'd like to improve the entire page you can select the button to mark all on this page as approved the system will default to 25 employees per page if you'd like to view more you can adjust the number of employees per page up to a hundred so now I can mark all of my employees as approved and then I'm going to go ahead and save the changes when you save the changes the system is going to ask you if you're sure you want to save the changes i'm going to go ahead and click ok and then it's going to pop up an approval box this is where you get to sign off on the 1095 fees and so it states it is responsibility of the employer to review all ACA returns before submission to employees and the IRS the employer is solely responsible for ensuring that submitted data is correct so you do not want to approve the 1095 cease until you've had a chance to review them and ensure that they are accurate if your 1095 see data is accurate you can select the box that you agree and type in your pay entry password in the box provided so now that I have saved all and approved all of my 1095 fees you can see that under the unapproved forms none are listed if I click on the approved forms you'll see all of my 1095 fees so once the unapproved forms box is empty and all of the eight forms have been approved if there are no longer any errors when calculating your 1095 fees bena pay will start to print the 1095 fees and ship them over to you now we will not begin printing those until the entire company has been approved so if you're going through and approving a few of them at a time that's fine however we will not print them until the entire company is approved and is able to calculate without errors.

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