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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing How Form 1094 B Estimated

Instructions and Help about How Form 1094 B Estimated

In this video I will demonstrate how to perform the intercept and slope functions these two functions are utilized to produce two components of a regression line or regression equation so let's do this intercept function first and this function computes the intercept value or the point at which the regression line will cross the y-axis so I have labeled here where I want my two function results to be placed so the intercept and the slope and the data I have here are aptitude scores that were taken previous to entering college and then college GPA we want to be able to see if we know someone's aptitude score if we'll be able to then predict their GPA in order to do that type of prediction we need to develop a regression line and the component of that regression line are the intercept in the slope so the first thing we want to do is go ahead and highlight the cell where we want the function to be placed in this case the intercept function first we're going to click on the formulas tab and then insert function and we want to find the intercept function so we're going to do a search for that and so we double click on that once we found it and so the first thing we want to do is highlight the data is the known Y value in this case the Y value is what we're trying to predict GPA so we want to highlight GPA as the Y value and again this may be interchangeable depending on the type of values you have but the value we want to predict in this case is GPA and our x value is what we're using as the predictor in this case aptitude score so we highlight those values and then we click OK so the y intercept value for the regression line for this data would be point 1 4 5 so basically this would be the value of y when x equals so now to get the slope value and the slope indicates the amount of change that is occurring in the value of why relative to the value of ax and so the slope function will not will then compute the slope of the regression line so we want to make sure we highlight the location where we want the function to be placed for slope we're going to go to our formulas tab click insert function and now we want to find do a search for the slope function we can double click on that and we're going to do the same thing we did with the intercept values we want to do our known Y's in other words what we're predicting that's our GPA so we highlight that and then our known X's this is our predictor value what we're using to predict GPA so we highlight that that's our aptitude score and then we click OK and our slope value is point zero zero five to four so hopefully you've learned something in this video and good luck using this in your own research.

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