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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Fill Form 1094 B Pricing

Instructions and Help about Fill Form 1094 B Pricing

So you need to figure out what the second lowest cost silver plan is for your 1095 a form for your health insurance when you're filing your taxes here in Ohio this year well guess what I'm going to walk you through really quickly it's really easy to do and it's a tool on healthcare.gov website so let's go ahead and take a look and figure out how you can find out what that that plan costs what that number is so you can actually complete this form and get your taxes in and taken care of all right so you're looking at this 1095 a form as it relates to your health insurance and your taxes for the 2022 tax year you're thinking what am I supposed to do with this thing more importantly what am I supposed to do down here and part three and more importantly from part 3 what does it mean in column B where it says monthly premium amount of second lowest costs over plan regardless of what that actually means it's not all that important for the form you just need to know what to put that box for each month January February March and so on and that's what we are going to be showing you today there will be a link somewhere around this video if you're watching directly on youtube it will be below in the description of the video or if you're reading this on the blog jiggle insurance com then there will be a link definitely as well for you to get to this page but we're going to be going over to healthcare.gov slash taxes / tools / silver and this is the tool that we're going to use to figure out exactly what the cost of the second lowest costs / plan was for your specific area where you live in the state of Ohio so I would give it to you but we actually need your information like where you live your age the number of people on your plan how long you had it how long they had it so pretty much impossible for me to just kind of give out a flat number so but I will walk you through how to actually figure this out so let's go ahead and click the big green get started button alright give them the example zip code for me we're going to use my zip code for 42 41 that is portage county or streetsboro ohio to be more precise and then they're going to ask you did you live at the zip code for love for all 12 months of 2022 i did so i'll click yes let's just click no to show you they will let you choose you know which months you live that that zip code if you did move throughout the course of the year and just select the months at which you were at that location then i'll let you add another location for the remaining months and so on but for me i was there the whole time so we're going to click yes and we're done with that part now we're going to be adding family members so it says for each member of your family who had covered in 2022 enter their age when coverage started so how old they were at the start of january first of 2022 and then only add members of your family who were claimed as personal exemptions on your tax return enrolled in a health plan through the marketplace not eligible for health coverage outside of the marketplace so those are the three criteria assuming basically if they showed up they r on your tax return they were part of your family health insurance wise and 2022 meds who is going to count for this example I'm just going to go ahead and enter myself so at the start of 2022 I was actually 29 years old and I was enrolled in the coverage for the entire year so we'll go ahead and select all months you can deselect obviously months as you decide as you desire or need to it's completely up to you so then we're going to go ahead and add me that's got all my information so there's the family members if you want to go ahead and add another member let's say of your spouse obviously or or your dependents your kids go ahead and click Add member and then we're just going to the same thing over again you're going to put in their age at the start of 2022 and you're going to choose their relationship to you so you've got obviously some options there and then again you're going to go through the months that they were covered on the plan this will give you the opportunity if for whatever reason that person that spouse that depended that child if I had to come off at any point in time throughout the course of the year this will be easy to identify and let them know exactly when they had to come off if they got a job that had benefits if for whatever reason they weren't able to be on your health insurer anymore you can easily just say what month they were covered no it up here this box this person is a spouse or dependent on the family's tax return so again all of this stuff through healthcare.gov it is based on your what i like to call your tax family so very important keep in mind tax family is very important we're going to cancel this we're just going to go ahead with just me myself on this in my zip code and then we're going to say we're done with this step so everything is complete we're going to continue and we're basically done that's it so here you can see the monthly premium 226 dot.

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