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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Fill Form 1094 B Ii

Instructions and Help about Fill Form 1094 B Ii

My name is Scott Hudson from brain benefits and I'm here with Kevin Hennessy from Braille payroll and today we're going to discuss 1095-c reporting so this is definitely a challenge for all of our clients and a lot of people ask us all the time am I in applicable large employer so today what we want to talk about are some of the guidelines around 1094 and 1095-c reporting and where we might be able to fit in and help you out a little bit with the process okay so what is 1095-c reporting this is a 1095-c this is a report that must be sent to every employee of an applicable large employer every year and this year the deadline is on March 4th 2022 why do we have to send out a 1095-c because the Affordable Care Act requires us to do so when do we have to do it it has to be filed or sent to each employee by March 2nd and who has to send it that's what we're gonna spend some time talking about right because who is really the most complicated question during this process every applicable large employer is every employer that has over 50 full-time equivalents a full-time equivalent is not a full-time employee right so the way that we look at this is gonna be a measure of full-time employees which the IRS currently defines as employees that are working on average over 30 hours a week so any of those people that you have is - that are viewed as a full-time employee you put them on their 1 list and then what you need to do is you need to look at all of your part-time staff you need to add up all of their hours and I'm actually going to show you this cool online tool right now take a look at this there's a great tool to help you figure out how you can see whether you're in applicable large employer or you just have a lot of people hanging out and I want to show you the healthcare.gov calculator which is available at healthcare.gov - calculators - FTE the ft e stands for full-time equivalents this calculator is gonna help you figure out how many of your employees I will count towards you being an applicable large employer now the first thing is gonna ask us to do is enter the number of full-time employees so let's say that we are a seasonal restaurant or a restaurant that has 35 employees that are all full-time and let's say that we have 29 well let's say we have just as many part-timers 37 all right now one of the things that we've discussed is that you want to look at this over a monthly view to get a better average and what you'll do here is you're gonna add in each of your employees and how many hours that they work for the time period that you selected so we recommend doing a monthly view and Kevin age say work for 90 hours then you're gonna do add another employee which will do scott h and we'll say he did 120 remember oh let's see that so - Scott's point if we do 130 the calculator hopefully will stop us go part-time hours are limited to 120 hours which is excellent because we've already counted all of our full-time employees anybody that's working over 30 hours on a velar basis under the full time number so each part-timer can only count as one full timer at a maximum so anything over 120 hours will not be included but I just wanted to show you this very helpful tool that you can use to help establish whether or not you are an applicable large employer okay now we're going to determine whether or not you are an applicable large employer okay if you are an employer you have to file these 1095 C's if you are not you do not have to do that so let's route that you're not but if you are an applicant large employer that you have to file 1095 C's before March 4th of 2022 what we're gonna do is going to take your total number of full-time employees your full-time employees according to this calculation is anybody working over 30 hours you might have in your handbook a full-time employee is somebody who works over 37 hours or 40 hours or you have managers that you require to work 60 hours for this calculation it's anybody who works consistently for you over 30 hours a week so let's say you have 35 of those people now we have our part-timers we're gonna take a pool of your part-time hours and divide that by 120 hours per month so you have to go into your payroll reporting or to however you calculate your part-time hours and come up with a pool of part-time hours so let's say you have 120 part-time hours this month okay that equals one part-time employee but let's say you have 12,000 part-time employees part-time hours that you have accrued of that month then you're going to have 1,000 part-time employees had you add to this calculation so it's very important that you determine whether or not you have enough part-time hours to put you over the top if your full-timers exceeds 50 you have to do it if your full-timers are below 50 then you have to look at your part-time hours divided by 120 over the course of the month and that gets you your total calculation now we live on the coast and we have a lot of seasonal employers so there is a seasonal employee exception if you have a seasonal employee who works less than 120 days for you so for our retailers that have stock up in the Christmas and they have a lot of people you have the delivery.

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