Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Fill Form 1094 B Furnish

Instructions and Help about Fill Form 1094 B Furnish

Music hi I'm Dan Cooper scene and welcome to this episode of compliance minute on November eighteenth 2021 the IRS released notice 2021 70 which explains that the deadline for furnishing with 2021 forms 1095 c and 1095 be to employees has been delayed by one month specifically the deadline was extended from january 31st of 2021 to march second of 2021 and while the furnishing deadline was extended the filing deadline was not extended the filing deadline will remain as februari 28 the 2021 if not filing electronically or march 31st of 2021 if filing electronically regardless this extension is a much-needed breather for employers that were scrambling to get their forms completed and sent out to employees by that january thirty first deadline additionally the notice had some other good news in it as well it extends the good-faith penalty relief from twenty fifteen to twenty sixteen the good faith rule provides relief from penalties for reporting entities that can show that they make good faith good faith efforts to comply with the information reporting requirements for more information on this and other topics please visit our knowledge center at corp cencom thank you.