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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Fill Form 1094 B Filers

Instructions and Help about Fill Form 1094 B Filers

If your business employs 50 or more full-time or full-time equivalent employees it is likely that you will be required to submit the forms 1095 C and 1094 see to be in compliance with the Affordable Care Act in this lesson we will walk you through the process of preparing these forms and you will learn about the different options you have to submit them to the IRS and your employees at the end of the year there are a few steps you should take before printing or submitting your 1095 and 1094 forms first review the urine software update notice and install the year-end update at the end of each year sage provides an update that includes changes to the software to accommodate any new reporting requirements for year-end this notice arrives by email and contains details regarding what is changing and instructions on how to download and install it which always be done prior to submitting any year in tax forms next you want to make sure you're up to speed on the reporting requirements for the Affordable Care Act this is to ensure you prepare and submit the correct forms and insurance to the IRS and your employees one of the factors that will help you determine which Affordable Care Act forms you will be required to submit and what information needs to be included on them is to determine the number of full-time and full-time equivalent employees at your company use the ACA reports in payroll to determine these counts and once you know what your full time and full time equivalent accounts are and which forms you will be required to submit you will want to make sure that you're tracking the appropriate information in payroll so that when you're ready to prepare the forms all the necessary information will be included this chart provides at a glance the Affordable Care Act forms and information that must be provided to the employees and through the IRS at the end of the year in this lesson we'll walk through the process of preparing and submitting the 1095 C and 1094 see forms which is required if you are an applicable large employer or one who employs 50 or more full-time or full-time equivalent employees employers you do not offer a self-insured health plan are only required to complete parts one and two on the ten 95 C form while employers who do offer a self-insured health care plan are required to complete all three parts of the form for the purposes of this lesson we'll be showing the steps to complete all sections of these forms and we will make sure to point out the differences in the steps to complete them based on the type of healthcare plan your company offers to your employees let's go ahead and get started in the payroll menu select federal and state tax filing then select federal forms select the 1095 / 294 see form in the list a description of the form displays to the right and all that you need to do to get started is to confirm that the correct year is selected here and then click run report you may receive a message to complete an update to your atrix forms this is a normal process as our integration with atrix always guarantees you have the latest forms and information click automatic update then click Next and once the update is finished click close read the 1095 c company information message and then click ok and the ACA setup wizard opens this will guide you through the preliminary steps in the first step you will need to decide what you want to do your options are to test drive with just the first 25 employees or test drive with all employees or process the actual 1095 and 1094 forms if you're here to simply test this out use one of the test drive options as it doesn't save any of the data just allows you to try the feature out if you're ready to prepare the official forums select no thanks start processing my 1095 290 fours and then click Next in the next step confirm that the federal employer identification number for your company has prefilled correctly then click Next your company information in the upper portion of this window should be included automatically but you will need to make sure that all fields are correct and make any changes if necessary and in the lower portion of the window enter the contact information for the person who is completing the ACA forms the company and contact information entered here will be reported in boxes 1 through 8 in part 1 on the 10 94c form when you're done click Next to continue select the appropriate tax preparer type and then click Next if you are a designated government entity and need a complete boxes 9 through 16 in part 1 of the 10 94c form select this option otherwise select I'm filing for my company / employer and then click Next in the employee and covered individual social security numbers window you will need to indicate how you would like the Social Security numbers for employees and they're covered individuals to be displayed on the printed copies sent to the employees for employees you have the option to show the full social security number or truncate it using asterisks or exes to show only the last four digits if you select to truncate the employee social security number same choice will be automatically selected for the covered individuals below while preparing the forms the full social security number will be displayed on the screen but when the actual copies of the forms for the employees print the options selected here determine how the Social Security numbers will display once you have selected the options you would like to use click Next if you track payroll data for a single ein in multiple.

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