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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Fill Form 1094 B Dont

Instructions and Help about Fill Form 1094 B Dont

Hello guys so I'm back again and to give you some advice you know tips for your for these tax season ok so I just want to remember everyone a one more time this year you will need your 1095 a to file your tax return so I'm talking about to anyone who is in the pensions marketplace ok what we call the Obamacare if you want Obamacare you need the phone 1095 a to file your tax because last year's so many people filed the tax return without the firm 1095 a so what happened is like the delivery system hold all those we phone and ask them to send the 1095 day as well at the phone 89 62 and then a corrected 1040 so if you don't find your attachment ado let's say if you are in the ancient marketplace ok so if you don't file your tax return of the ten nine if I pray you will not get a refund until you fool you provide those tree form 1095 a 89 88 89 62 and a modified telephone so you don't need that so right now it's time to try to get the form 1095 a you can call the entries market the normalizations many t ok so but let's say if you don't receive it ok because I know you could be some time you may have difficulty to get the 1095 a ok if you don't if you really can't get it there is another option the option is to call your you know you're at the insurance company you an old ok you will call these insurance company and then you will ask a information about the mostly premium and then the mostly advance credit payment ok if you got his information if you got the mostly premium I am off that you play as well as the monthly events credit payment made on your behalf you will need also in the policy number of the insurance as well as the name of the insurance and then the marketplace identifier okay with that if you see a professional so not everyone can do it find someone that not a job can help you you know feel the fill out the 1095 it okay so you can check me out or detach the banner but no not any task of our no to fill out the 1095 so these options is you know Einstein whose nice here I saw so many people that couldn't get the foam 1095 a so there is an options like I to if you can't get it this year you can call your insurance company asking them how many ha how much is the monthly premium amount and how much is the monthly advance credit payment made on your behalf you will it also the policy number update of their insurance okay but you still get the option to call the marketplace call them and tell them you have it you don't you still don't get the 1095 a and then we know the tax inner will start on general furniture so we start to call them if you don't have the chain 95 a so these are Vice kids for people that unrolled in the insurance marketplace the Obamacare okay so let me make it clear even though I know some people have been in some people made hair black normal even though if you have one more in the insurance marketplace in 2022 you need it from Denali Highway he doesn't matter you saying all I had these insurance only for a couple of more two more flow it doesn't matter if you had it for one month only one more you need for 1095 5825 to file your tax return so guys so you got this like an information so don't file your tax return if you are in the Obamacare without the 1095 eight because you will not get your tax return okay you will net get it you're taxing phone if you did okay so i hope these are by was at full and you're gonna use it and then stay tuned i will blend your other information i'm here to help you are mainly work at home so you can check on me on my face facebook page or on my youtube channel or my website so if you need help and advice i'm here to help you so stay tuned and I will bring you other helpful video like that bye see you next.

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