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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Can Form 1094 B Waiver

Instructions and Help about Can Form 1094 B Waiver

Alright well good day everyone we want to welcome you to September right happy September to you good day everyone my name is Steve Jackson I'm the senior vice president of strategic development and channel sales here at prime pay and we want to welcome you to our regularly scheduled monthly broker webinars it's one of our in our series of our primary broker webinar series that we hold on the first wednesday of each month generally and we know that many of you have so many more competing interests and obligations and so we're thrilled to have you on board with us today so we invite you here to a seminar or webinar here entitled 10 important changes to aca reporting and I you know many of you I know there were questions here in regard to hey I thought this was solely focused on HRAs and it is to a degree we're going to dive right into that but so we've got a lot of great content here and felt that we were just broaden a little more of the scope of the talk here today to ensure that we're providing you with as much value and content as we can we were grateful to have many of you as partners and so and many of you actually have attended our webinars in the past but let me just go through the logistics here of our webinar today we really covet your questions and as I go through the content for those of you that know me I do try to pra lot of content company you know comprehensive content at the end of the day we want to bring it to a practical basis clearly because you ultimately need to communicate this information to your clients so we need to pryou with the the technical side of things but also that practical application but in the webcast here today we want to hear from you and what I'd like to do is if you have a question please go ahead and type it out go into the gotomeeting menu bar to the question box and go ahead and type it in now God will do my best now we're appropriate where I can to answer those you know maybe during the webcast if I can but generally speaking I'll need to wait until the end of the webinar to maybe review those or if the number of questions are so much then what we'll end up doing is providing an FAQ certainly to our broker concierge partners here after the webinar has included has been concluded so that you can see all the questions that were asked and then certainly answered we are also recording this presentation here today and the link will be provided on our public YouTube broker concierge channel ok and so look for that follow-up email to you with the link but also that link should be generated we usually try to get it in here by the end of the week ok so look for that here over the next couple days so that should wrap up the logistics so as you as you look here at the title slide all right I you know in in preparation for today's webinar We certainly have noticed over these last five years that the ACA the Affordable Care Act has placed us a little bit into a maze right we are walking down corridors we we are reading certain guidance and regulations and requirements we are seeing what the obligations are with employers based on the various statutes and mandates but a lot of times we're now turning left we're now turning right we might hitting my kid a a dead end right and so we have felt very much over these last several years of being kind of in this maze now and many times though we do find the answer we do get to that end result we do get to some finality with a particular requirement and we can move on we can rejoice it meant move on but in the same token a lot of times and even today included we're going changes being made and you need to know kind of turn face that change and be prepared and so as I was you know as I had created this title slide I actually didn't think of it at the time but a word jumps out as as I had created it and that's the word change their kind of in the upper right change has um it has a lot of you know not so great connotations right with that word it can create a lot of agita with employers with all of us it can create fear confusion it can create opportunities for not doing anything at all right just that I'm not going to even look at that change and even react to that change but but you're sitting as a benefits broker you're sitting in a wonderful opportunity to be able to take that change and actually change that to empowerment to engagement to understanding and I'm going to tell you what a reason why we do this each and every month is to really drive that understanding not only to you but then also enable you to communicate that to your clients so let's look at these 10 important changes to aca that have actually it's kind of propels us a little further within the maze okay and so this webcast here today is really focused on the draft instructions that recently have come out on here at the beginning of August for the employer reporting requirements so forms 1094 and 1095 so as each of you know the ACA has impacted employers and all of us alike over the last several years and in the additional requirement that has now hit its preferred time line within the within the law.

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