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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Can Form 1094 B Ting

Instructions and Help about Can Form 1094 B Ting

Hi everyone I am dr. Cathy Wagner with own your health care and I could not wait to bring you this information why because I know you haven't heard it I only found out about it yesterday as I was doing some research and I thought to myself I wonder how many people have heard this I wonder how many people insurance companies call them is it oh hey here's what's gonna happen hmm I want wait on that so I'm gonna be the one to tell you here's what it boils down to the IRS announced a 30-day extension for ACA forms 1095 - b and 1095 - C now what is the significance of those forms those are the forms that you will receive if you care at traditional health insurance that has to be sent in with your tax return that's what it is and insurance companies have to send it to you or your employer has right for you so let me show you it says that our s and s a 30 day extension of the deadline for providing some individual health coverage information forms under the Affordable Care Act certain large employers and self-insured employers as well as insurance and other coverage providers completing either form 1095 - B or 1095 - C now have a - March 2nd to issue the forms now it also says that the employers is automatic they don't have to ask for the extension let me tell you the problem with this I remember in the first year people have filed a tax return they didn't realize that they had other these forms guess what happened their return got kicked back they basically had to file an amendment with the form proving that they had health insurance ok also in the first year there were some companies that sent out the form and it had the wrong numbers so there was the delay that delayed the delay now I also remember in Colorado some people thought they were going to get them through I guess it was through a back office of this insurance company or the marketplace but the form wasn't there so there was delay delay delay so you need to know right now that they have on to March 2nd to issue you that form form 1095-a or 1095-c that has to go with the tax return that proves you have health insurance oh my goodness have you heard that please leave me a comment below be sure to share this friends family members anybody you know who care traditional insurance seriously they need this information share this video if you have any questions you can send me an email taffey Wagner at gmail.com I am more than happy to answer you if you are someone who needs an alternative because you cannot afford traditional health insurance you can submit any Watsu and in the email let me know that you watch the video but also what type of information you need for me once again this is doctors happy Wagner with on your health care the IRS has extended large employers and self-insured employers providing the form 1095-a and 1095 see they've given them a 30 day picture they now have us on March 2nd to provide it alright I'll see you next time.

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