Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Can Form 1094 B Substitute

Instructions and Help about Can Form 1094 B Substitute

Okay so today I'm going to show you how to access your 1095 a through the marketplace and it's pretty simple but we just received notice that the marketplace will be sending out these notices directly to every consumer this week which is the week of February first so most everyone should be getting their 1095-a from the federal government anytime this week but in the case that you don't receive it or you misplace it you can come back on to your marketplace account where you can download it directly to your computer so from your home page you'll go ahead and log in and you'll see you know the famous welcome page here where you're going to want to go is to my profile so you'll click my profile here and go to applications and coverage so you're going to go ahead and select 2021 easier that we're working with here so you're going to go ahead and click that and you'll scroll on down to the bottom part of it where it says tax forms so you'll click the tax forms here and it'll take you to your 1095-a page here so as you may know you do need your 1095 a in order to complete your taxes with your tax professional but you can go ahead and download that here in case you don't get it and it should be available any day now so we wanted to make sure that you knew how to get to it again this is for the 1095 a tax form if you do need more information you can click this link here which will take you out to - all the information we basically just went through here again it will be mailed early February which we were told this week and you do need to do that for 2021 so you should get that in the mail automatically but if not this is how you get it so any questions you can call our office eight four four six nine six three nine seven five again eight four four six nine six three 975 and we'll be glad to assist you thanks again.