Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Can Form 1094 B Requirement

Instructions and Help about Can Form 1094 B Requirement

Hello everybody this is Carrie lemon I'm the Quality Assurance Manager at Ella payroll and we'll be presenting our 1094 C and 295 C training webinar today my contact information is on the screen right now and I'd like to go over just a few things before we get started we have everyone in attendance currently on mute we will take questions at different points throughout the webinar this training session session took place yesterday at 10:00 o'clock and all attendees will receive a copy of this presentation thank you everyone again and let's get started before we get into the questionnaire and spreadsheet we need to get back from you this year we will very briefly cover a few items to ensure everyone understands exactly what data is required to file these IRS forms for 2021 we will look at some of the history and terminology behind the ACA requirements for this reporting we will inform you of the IRS definition of a control group for ACA purposes as well as look at the actual forms we will be filing on your behalf the majority of our time will be spent going over the questionnaire and spreadsheet we need you to complete and this is when we will take your questions we will finish up by discussing some critical dates as well as what we are doing to collect this information on a regular basis in 2021 after that if anyone wants to stay and ask additional questions or look at how you can enter this information directly into evolution by passing the spreadsheet we will be available for that additional training as well please make sure that you have both the questionnaire and your company's specific spreadsheet available I will be referring to these items throughout this session we will unmute all attendees at appropriate time to take questions I have Kelly Wyatt from our ACA services department as well as Jory comma rock with me to assist with any questions you may have during this webinar you can ask your questions via the chat box when we break for live questions we will answer those questions for to ensure we get through all of the critical information as quickly as possible please save general questions not specific to the questionnaire and spreadsheet until the final Q&A session offered at the end of the webinar I realize your time is valuable and possibly limited so we want to allow those in attendance that may have to leave to get the necessary information first we will be here as long as necessary to answer you President Obama signs the ACA into law on March 23rd 2021 the 1094 see and 1095-c reporting requirements we are focusing on today are the result of the ACA adding iron code 6 0 5 6 IRS Code section 6 0 5 6 requires all applicable large employers defined as employers with 50 or more FTE employees to prannual statements detailing and employers offer of health insurance or lack of an offer to every full-time employee this includes any employee that works for your company for one or more days during 2021 whether or not they're still active any part-time employee that enrolls in your health insurance must also be supplied an annual statement employers with 50 to 99 FTE employees have been given safe harbor relief from the penalties accessible for not making a qualifying offer insurance but not from the reporting requirements please refer to the glossary on page 8 of your ACA guide for a complete explanation of all the terms and concepts in discussed today we have received and answered a lot of questions regarding control groups first remember that animal large employer or a le is an employer with 50 or more FTE employees members of a control group must combine their FTE count to determine if they are in a le if the combined FTE count of all members of a control group is 50 or more each individual entity within that control group is in a le to further convolute the terminology the IRS refers to single entities as well as members of control group all as a le members there are three IRS defines control groups parent subsidy groups brother-sister groups and combines groups if you are unsure of your control group status please refer to page 9 in our ACA guide for a comprehensive definition this is formed 1094 see and this is also included in your guide form 1094 see is the transmittal that must be filed with the IRS along with the employee 1095 sees the information requested on the questionnaire will allow us to properly prepare this form business page to up form 294 C which reports the monthly FTE count of each member of a control group and page 3 of form 294 C lists each control group member and their F ein form 1095-c is the individual employee form that must be distributed to all applicable employees the information we are gathering on the spreadsheet will allow us to properly file these forms on your behalf now for the actual information we need to collect we need to receive this form back to comply with the IRS reporting requirements I am going to go through each line and then we will break for questions the first line the first question on the questionnaire asks if you are a member of a control group if you are then additional information is necessary if not you can go ahead and skip ahead to question 2 if you are a member of a control group we need the name of each company within the control group as well as their tell apparel or tell apparel company number if you are a member of a control group and some of those companies within your control group are not a tell apparel client your 1094 c transmittal will be incomplete the next section.