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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Can Form 1094 B Import

Instructions and Help about Can Form 1094 B Import

31 we want to thank you for joining us for one of prime pays webcast entitled ACA compliance navigator we are thrilled that you have taken time out of your busy schedules to sit with us here today good day everyone my name is Steve Jackson I am the senior vice president of strategic development and channel failed here at prime pay and couldn't be more thrilled that you've taken this time to sit with us so we've got some great content for you here today and before I get started I do want to lay a little bit of the logistics out for you if I may so that you'll notice in the gotomeeting menu bar that there is a question area that you can type in your question we would love to hear from you so one of the ways that you can address questions with us today is going into that go to gotomeeting menu bar go ahead and type in your question I may not be able to answer it specifically in today's webinar I may though and if I'm able to we will certainly tackle it here today for you but if not we will respond we will get back to you one way or the other to let you know with the answer to that question and so also but we also want you to know that we have opened up our social media lines as well when we'd love for you to visit our Facebook page and also Twitter page and if you have some specific questions or comments in regard to today's presentation and the solution that we're talking about today please use the hashtag prime pay a CA you see that on the screen here today so again hashtag prime pay ACA and that will trigger our team to be able to get that those questions answered in a timely basis so we look forward to hearing from you here today so as we go also one of the main logistics I get this question all the time well can we get a recording of this presentation absolutely so we are recording we are recording this webinar today after the webinar and once everything gets set up we will be sending you a follow-up email with the recording link and you can feel free to view this presentation at your own leisure okay and and and look at it again but in the meantime take notes I'm going to go through several you know several details but I do want you to know that this particular webcast here today is a little different than what we've done in the past you know so many times we hold client webinars throughout a year and a lot of times we're talking about a lot of the regulations and requirements that you as employers are faced with and today we're going to talk more about our solution how prime pay is going to help assist and support your efforts in fulfilling these various and you know arduous administrative responsibilities and obligations that the Affordable Care Act has done were provided to you so the last five years have been a very gosh complex time of changes right the affordable care act was signed into law in March of 2022 and we are now five and a half years later and one of the one of the areas that has caused probably more agita that to most of our employer clients is centered around the specific reporting requirements okay that the Affordable Care Act is now imposing and before I start touching on some of those key requirements I do want to focus your attention on some current webinars that we have out on our YouTube channel in March of this year we took a deep dive in regard to our met in regard to we titled it measurement madness but it went towards helping employers with their maintenance and the monitoring of their variable our employee base right so measurement periods very important to to manage and maintain documentation on all of your variable our employees and we go through a step-by-step guide in regard to helping employers through that various requirement so I would suggest please visit that March 10th webinar it's recorded there and you can view that there at your leisure on April 13 this year we took a deep dive on these employer reporting requirements we literally took forms 1094 and 1095 and we went line by line in regard to those forms what that meant how you're supposed to answer those questions so I would suggest if you do want to take a deeper dive kind of line by line please visit our April 13th webinar on the employer reporting requirements and that is directly on our youtube channel at prime pay and that's public access you can view that then at at your own leisure so for today's agenda it's a little more focused or different type of an agenda we're not going to get into that technical guidance as much here today I know you guys are thrilled right that's so it's not too technical but what we wanted to do is as we're getting now into the fourth quarter of 2022 with these deadlines these obligations kind of coming at you hear from all sides we wanted to take an opportunity to just kind of showcase and share how prime pay is going to deliver a solution for you to ultimately take care of these key requirements and obligations and so so this is really focused on how prime paid can help okay and how they can assist you so the key agenda items here today what I'd like to do is paint a very strong foundation picture on just an overview of the key ACA requirements okay that you as an employer will face we also want to just kind of hone in on.

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