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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Can Form 1094 B Essential

Instructions and Help about Can Form 1094 B Essential

Welcome to training session three of gma's Affordable Care Act training sessions this training session is on minimum essential coverage reporting the 6055 reporting that uses 1094 and 1095 be forms this AC a training session is for informational purposes only and is not legal advice or a substitute for legal advice it is designed only for employers that offer the health plan administered by the Georgia Municipal Association on behalf of the Georgia municipal employees benefit system and it contains information that is not applicable to other employers this AC a training session reflects the presenters understanding of certain requirements of the Affordable Care Act as they existed on june 1st 2022 this AC a training session is not an official document of the health plan only the official health plan documents established the terms of the health plan a quick recap of all training sessions available on our GMA website session one was waiting period rules and how to determine applicable large employer ala status all participating employers that offer the G most health coverage are strongly encouraged to review that session one this session three is the minimum essential coverage reporting 6055 reporting on the 10 94 and 1095 be forms generally we encourage employers that are not applicable large employers to review this session as well sessions to and session for are designed for applicable large employers they review the payer play penalty rules and the CSeries forms they're used to report whether pay or play penalties are do all of these training sessions are posted on the GMA website the big question for 6055 reporting with the B forms is who has minimum essential coverage there's one report that goes to the IRS and it includes a copy of all the reports that go to the employees and the other report goes to employees individuals who are actually enrolled in minimum essential coverage what's the reason for these reports well under the ACA every individual must have minimum essential coverage qualify for an exemption or pay a tax penalty the taxpayer pays a penalty if his or her dependence do not have minimum essential coverage for an exemption why does this matter now the filings are due at the end of January in February 2022 participating employers have the legal obligation to report minimum essential coverage it's important to know that GMA will not file the B forms but will help GMA will pra data file and/or will prepare the B forms and send to the participating employer for filing if the employer submits a certification and request form by August first asking GMA for data file and be formed preparation help please see the June memorandum entitled Affordable Care Act mandatory reporting requirements for all participating employers of any size and the attached certification and request forms the certification and request forms show what information will be provided in the data file if it's requested and how GMA will fill out the B forms if requested if the certification and request form is submitted to GMA by August first GMA can prthe requested information and/or be forms by the first week in January remember the employer will have to mail the B forms to enrollees by January 31st which is not much time and Mail the B forms to the IRS by February 29 so what isn't GMA have to file the forms if it has the information well for purposes of these filings the gmaps health plan is considered to be a self-insured employer sponsored coverage maintained by a multiple employer welfare arrangement and the law requires that each part two dissipating employer file the forms you may see the term multi-employer plan in the instructions or in other materials please be aware the gmaps health plan is not a multi-employer plan that is a defined term and it means a union plan a plan that's governed by collective bargaining agreements so whenever the instructions use the term plan sponsor or coverage provider that means the employer GMA can help but the employer must submit a help wanted certification and request here is how GMA can help if the certification and request is submitted by August first please review the certification and request form carefully and submit it by august 1st 2022 this request form includes all the information and explanations about what GMA can do if requested in this form GMA can prepare the b forms and send an electronic version to the primary benefits contact and/or prthe primary benefits contact a data file containing information needed to complete the V forms the B forms and data file will reflect information that is in the GMA systems on december 31st 2022 so it's very important to make sure that all enrollment changes are up to date if the forms are going to be accurate you need to make sure that all enrollment information has been sent to GMA so that the system contains accurate information on december 31st 2022 let's learn about the bees first there's the 1094 be that is a transmittal form and when you transmit that form you are going to attach the full social security number version of the 1095 be forms the transmittal form and all the attached 1095 be forms will go to the IRS the 1095 B form goes to the each responsible individual for security purposes this version of the or can use only the last four digits of the social security number it will be just like the all the forms that are attached to the transmittal form but it will only have the last four digits of the social security number the 6055 report shows that the individual has minimum essential coverage all gmaps health plan options prminimum essential coverage the B forms give the name of the employer and lists the individuals covered under the employers health plan the IRS uses the forms to verify that.

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